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Agrobacterium-mediated Transient Expression of Foreign Gene in Arabidopsis thaliana   

Chenjing Lang , Yue Wang , Yanju Wu , Dawei Meng , Liping Yang
The School of Life Science, Jilin Normal University, Siping, 136000
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Molecular Plant Breeding, 2020, Vol. 11, No. 13   
Received: 25 Jun., 2020    Accepted: 28 Jun., 2020    Published: 10 Jul., 2020
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Viral vector-mediated inoculation is a normal method of transient expression of foreign gene in the plants. In this study, we transiently expressed the foreign gene GUS in Arabidopsis thaliana by using Agrobacterium-mediated leaf-infection and detected the expression of GUS gene after ago-inoculation by GUS staining method and semi-quantitative RT-PCR. The results showed that GUS was expressed on 7-15 day after inoculation in Arabidopsis plants. Moreover,we successfully obtained fast expression of the viral suppressor HCPro in Arabidopsis plants, providing a new system for the fast expression of foreign gene and the study of gene function in plants. 
Arabidopsis thaliana ; leaf-infection; foreign gene; Agrobacterium
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Molecular Plant Breeding
• Volume 11
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