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Research Progress on the Mechanism of GA and ABA during Seed Germination  

Yue Zuo , Yonghua Xu
Jilin Agricultural University, College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, National Engineering Research Center of Ginseng Breeding and Application, Changchun, 130118
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Molecular Plant Breeding, 2020, Vol. 11, No. 20   
Received: 23 Aug., 2020    Accepted: 25 Aug., 2020    Published: 18 Sep., 2020
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The dormancy and germination of seeds are determined by the balance between the embryo growth potential and the binding force imposed by the seed coat. The germination of different seeds is not synchronized, and the stimulus required to promote germination varies greatly. Before germination, the seeds need to undergo water absorption, reactivate metabolic activities and redifferentiate embryonic tissues to mobilize nutrients stored in seeds and initiate meristematic activities. The transition from dry seeds to seedlings is highly sensitive to different environmental conditions, especially light, temperature and water. This response to environmental signals is regulated by one or more hormones. Various plant hormones regulate seed germination through highly complex interactions. Among them, the role of GA (gibberellin) and ABA (Abscisic acid) in regulating seed germination is particularly critical. This article reviewed the mechanisms by which GA and ABA control seed dormancy at the molecular level, and discussed the way they interact with other hormones. Finally, the development direction of plant hormone research on seed germination is prospected.
GA; ABA; seeds; Dormancy; Germination
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Molecular Plant Breeding
• Volume 11
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