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Using QTL-seq to mine genes related to petiole length of cabbage  

Xiang Tai 1 , Xiaowei Zhu 1 , Jinxiu Chen1 , Daguo Gu 2 , Tianyue Bo 1
1 Horticultural Research Institute, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shanghai, 201106
2 Shanghai Xinghui Vegetables Company Limited, Shanghai, 201419
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Plant Gene and Trait, 2020, Vol. 11, No. 1   
Received: 26 Apr., 2020    Accepted: 26 Apr., 2020    Published: 26 Apr., 2020
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The length of the petiole determines the area of a single plant. It is great significance to mining genes related to the length of the petiole of cabbage. In this experiment, short-petiole of high-bred line 301 (male parent)、long-petiole of high-bred line 294 (female parent) and its F2 were used as materials. Extreme trait materials were selected from F2 (30 long-petiole and 30 short-petiole materials) were used to construct pools of DNA. The candidate genes related to the petiole length of cabbage were mining using combination of QTL-seq and SNP / InDel-index. In this study, six candidate genes controlling the petiole length were identified from genome of cabbage. Seven candidate genes were enriched in the three pathways of SKU5 protein coding, (XTH) coding and plant cell wall synthesis. This study provides a reference for cloning of genes related to petiole length in cabbage.

Cabbage; Length of the petiole; QTL-seq

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Plant Gene and Trait
• Volume 11
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