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Bioinformatics Analysis of Cysteine Transmembrane Gene CYS in Transgenic Tobacco  

Xiangyi Luo1 , Jieming Gao2 , Minghui Liu1 , Dong Cao3 , Yuan Zong2,3 , Baolong Liu3 , Le Wei1
1 Qinghai Normal University, Xining, 810008, China
2 Qinghai University, Xining, 810016, China
3 Key Laboratory of Crop Molecular Breeding of Qinghai Province, Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xining, 810001, China
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Plant Gene and Trait, 2023, Vol. 14, No. 4   doi: 10.5376/pgt.2023.14.0004
Received: 07 Mar., 2023    Accepted: 14 Mar., 2023    Published: 29 Mar., 2023
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Luo X.Y., Gao J.M., Liu M.H., Cao D., Zong Y., Liu B.L., and Wei L., 2023, Bioinformatics analysis of cysteine transmembrane gene CYS in transgenic tobacco, Plant Gene and Trait, 14(4): 1-8 (doi: 10.5376/pgt.2023.14.0004)


Overexpression of MYB transcription factor LrAN2 in tobacco can activate up-regulation of anthocyanin biosynthetic pathways, but the expression of cysteine-rich transmembrane domain protein A (CYS) is significantly reduced. AS an important biological amino acid in plants, the biological research of CYS is rarely reported. In this study, the cloned tobacco CYS gene is 282 bp long and encoding 94 amino acids. The predicted molecular weight and isoelectric point of the encoded protein are 24 019.84 Da and 5.23 respectively, and there are no conserved regions in the sequence. The experimental results show that the protein is hydrophilic, mainly composed of α-helix (19.35%) and irregular coil (65.59%), CYS protein does not pass through the transmembrane region and acts outside the membrane. Phylogenetic tree shows that the CYS gene in tobacco was closely related to the CYS gene in pepper, followed by HTC gene and WIH2 gene in tomato. The results of this study cloned and analyzed the sequence of the coding region of CYS gene to provide a reference for the functional study of CYS gene.

Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.); CYS; Gene cloning; Bioinformatics analysis
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Plant Gene and Trait
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