Smart Breeding Driven by Advances in Sequencing Technology
Published:15 May2023    Source:Modern Agriculture

Crop breeding has undergone numerous advancements throughout history with the next revolution being uncertain. This review provides an overview of breeding techniques from traditional selective breeding and crossbreeding to modern breeding based on molecular marker-assisted and genomic selection. Systematic analysis of the mainstream genotyping approaches based on principle, application scenario and supporting software revealed that the changes in genotyping technology have led to an explosion in data.

This data expansion will drive a breakthrough in sequencing technology and integrate artificial intelligence with automation. The review also discusses the technological changes associated with breeding during the big data era, including breeding models, genotyping technologies and future intelligent breeding, to provide references for crop breeders.
The paper highlights the potential of smart breeding technologies driven by advances in sequencing technology, which will lead to the development of new breeding strategies and accelerate the breeding process.