Salicylic Acid Attenuates Brassinosteroid Signaling Via Protein De-S-acylation
Published:06 Jun.2023    Source:The EMBO Journal

Brassinosteroids (BRs) are important plant hormones involved in many aspects of development. Here, we show that BRASSINOSTEROID SIGNALING KINASEs (BSKs), key components of the BR pathway, are precisely controlled via de-S-acylation mediated by the defense hormone salicylic acid (SA).

Most Arabidopsis BSK members are substrates of S-acylation, a reversible protein lipidation that is essential for their membrane localization and physiological function. We establish that SA interferes with the plasma membrane localization and function of BSKs by decreasing their S-acylation levels, identifying ABAPT11 (ALPHA/BETA HYDROLASE DOMAIN-CONTAINING PROTEIN 17-LIKE ACYL PROTEIN THIOESTERASE 11) as an enzyme whose expression is quickly induced by SA.
ABAPT11 de-S-acylates most BSK family members, thus integrating BR and SA signaling for the control of plant development. In summary, we show that BSK-mediated BR signaling is regulated by SA-induced protein de-S-acylation, which improves our understanding of the function of protein modifications in plant hormone cross talk.