Transcription Factors PuPRE6/PuMYB12 and Histone Deacetylase PuHDAC9-like Regulate Sucrose Levels in Pear
Published:10 Dec.2023    Source:Plant Physiology
The improvement of fruit quality, in particular sugar content, has been a major goal of plant breeding programs for many years. Here, two varieties of the Ussurian pear (Pyrus ussuriensis), Nanguo, and its high-sucrose accumulation bud sport, Nanhong, were used to study the molecular mechanisms regulating sucrose transport in fruits.
Comparative transcriptome analysis showed that in Nanhong fruit, a MYB transcription factor, PuMYB12 and a sucrose transporter protein, PuSUT4-like were expressed at higher levels, while a PRE transcription factor, PuPRE6 and a histone deacetylase, PuHDAC9-like were expressed at lower levels than in Nanguo fruit. PuSUT4-like silencing and overexpression experiments in Nanguo pear showed that PuSUT4-like is essential for sucrose transportation.
PuPRE6 and PuMYB12 act as antagonistic complexes to regulate PuSUT4-like transcription and sucrose accumulation. The histone deacetylation levels of the PuMYB12 and PuSUT4-like promoters were higher in Nanguo fruit than in Nanhong fruit, and Y1H assays showed that histone deacetylase PuHDAC9-like bound directly to the promoters of PuMYB12 and PuSUT4-like. Our results uncovered transcription regulation and epigenetic mechanisms underlying sucrose accumulation in pears.