The Long Noncoding RNAs lnc10 and lnc11 Regulating Flavonoid Biosynthesis in Ginkgo biloba
Published:11 Jan.2024    Source:Plant Science
Although long non-coding RNAs have been recognized to play important roles in plant, their possible functions and potential mechanism in Ginkgo biloba flavonoid biosynthesis are poorly understood. Flavonoids are important secondary metabolites and healthy components of Ginkgo biloba. They have been widely used in food, medicine, and natural health products.
Most previous studies have focused on the molecular mechanisms of structural genes and transcription factors that regulate flavonoid biosynthesis. Few reports have examined the biological functions of flavonoid biosynthesis by long non-coding RNAs in G. biloba. Long noncoding RNAs associated with flavonoid biosynthesis in G. biloba have been identified through RNA sequencing, but the function of lncRNAs has not been reported. In this study, the expression levels of lnc10 and lnc11 were identified. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis revealed that lnc10 and lnc11 were expressed in all detected organs, and they showed significantly higher levels in immature and mature leaves than in other organs. In addition, to fully identify the function of lnc10 and lnc11 in flavonoid biosynthesis in G. biloba, lnc10 and lnc11 were cloned from G. biloba, and were transformed into Arabidopsis and overexpressed.

Compared with the wild type, the flavonoid content was increased in transgenic plants. Moreover, the RNA-sequencing analysis of wild-type, lnc10-overexpression, and lnc11-overexpression plants screened out 2019 and 2552 differentially expressed genes, and the transcript levels of structural genes and transcription factors associated with flavonoid biosynthesis were higher in transgenic Arabidopsis than in the wild type, indicating that lnc10 and lnc11 activated flavonoid biosynthesis in the transgenic lines. Overall, these results suggest that lnc10 and lnc11 positively regulate flavonoid biosynthesis in G. biloba