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Plant Gene and Trait has no external editorial board. Instead, global recognized scientists in this field are invited to be as peer reviewers. All editorial decisions are made by an editorial team of full-time professional editors.
Senior Academic Editor: Sarah McGrew (
Invited Editor: Jinhong Chen ( (the term of service from Jan., 2022 to Dec., 2023)
Managing Director: Elaine Fang (
Publishing Manager:  Jessi J. Zhang (
Illustrator:  Sophia Publishing Group
PGT welcomes any scientists around the world who are committed to contribute his expertise in plant and any people who want to become an editor to join our team. Please click here to learn how to be an editor of PGT. 
It is our unswerving aim to make PGT the world's most outstanding publishing platform for academic journals in plant research, and peer-review is the most important for improving the quality of the work that we published. So here we’d like to express our special gratitude for those peer-reviewers who have done excellent review(s) for us: 
Malay Kumar Adak
Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology Research Unit, Department of Botany, University of Kalyani, Nadia-74 1235, West Bengal, India
Research interest: How the anti-oxidation related gene expression are dominant and useful in assessment of plant extract which deals with metal mediated anti-oxidation responses in one aquatic fern species and their interaction cum elicitation  with polyamine.
Hafiz Muhammad Ahmad
Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, Government College University Faislabad, Pakistan
Research interest: Plant Breeding and Genetic. Published articles in the field of mutation breeding in mungbean, wheat for morphological traits and multivariative analyses, QTL mapping, and wax biosyntheses mechanism in crop plants.